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What does ABA therapy teach?

ABA, or applied behavior analysis, is a recognized and effective treatment for children who have an autism spectrum disorder or other behavioral disorder. It's a method that's designed to alter and improve specific maladaptive behaviors and is backed by years of scientific research. This form of therapy uses positive reinforcement to improve behaviors such as developing friendships, following directions, communicating needs and emotions, and performing a particular task, among other things.

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How long does ABA therapy take to see results?

After meeting with you and your child, your ABA therapist will develop a unique treatment plan that has multiple objectives or targets a limited number of specific behavioral goals. Since everyone has different needs and goals, there isn't a timeframe that works for every child. However, we do recommend following the guidelines outlined in various research studies. According to these guidelines, 10-25 hours of targeted ABA services are effective, but prolonged care over a period of one to three years shows the most promising results for children with ASD.

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Can you receive ABA therapy at home?

ABA can be provided in a clinical setting, although therapy is more efficient when it's provided in the natural environment, such as in the community, at home or at school. Since maladaptive behaviors are more likely to occur in real-world settings, teaching daily living skills within these environments give children more opportunities to learn and practice positive behavioral skills where they're the most needed.

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What are the advantages of ABA therapy?

If your child has social, adaptive living, communication, or behavior problems that affect daily living and the ability to function independently, he or she may benefit from ABA services. Socially significant behaviors that are relevant to your child and family will be targeted in an individualized treatment program.

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