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What does the term ABA therapy mean?

ABA therapy is an acronym for applied behavior analysis, which is an evidence-based method for changing or improving maladaptive behaviors in children with developmental or behavioral disorders. ABA therapy is effective at improving skills in the areas of communication, following directions, attention span, waiting, making friends, asking for help and more.

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How long does ABA therapy take to work?

Since each ABA therapy regimen is tailored to the individual, there's no set guideline for time. However, experience and data indicate that intensive, broad-spectrum ABA therapy programs that last between one and three years are the most effective and achieve the most long-lasting success. Focused programs of between 10 and 25 hours in a limited number of areas are also effective.

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Can ABA therapy sessions be performed at home?

ABA therapy can be most effective when performed in the natural surroundings of the home, school or community, although they're also effective in a clinical setting. Using a familiar environment can provide more targeted improvements since maladaptive behaviors occur more frequently in a familiar environment. The child also might be more receptive to the therapy in these situations.

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Are the ABA therapy sessions guaranteed to be effective?

Although the ABA therapy sessions don't come with a guarantee, most children with maladaptive behaviors have seen improvements in the targeted areas. The objective of ABA therapy is to increase a child's independent interaction with their environment and reduce maladaptive behaviors that are detrimental to the child's life and lifestyle.

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