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What is ABA therapy?

ABA therapy is designed to provide valuable life skills and coping mechanisms for those who may have behavioral issues that affect their ability to deal with everyday life. ABA for children is designed to break down behaviors into smaller subsets of activities and to address each of these subsets individually. By praising children when they do well and providing them with positive reinforcement and rewards, ABA therapists can promote the best outcomes for children with moderate to severe behavioral issues and those with autism spectrum disorders.

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Will ABA therapy take long?

Targeted therapies that are designed to correct specific behaviors may be completed in less than 25 hours of cumulative therapy sessions. For more ingrained or intensive behaviors, however, it may require between one and three years of therapy or more to accomplish the desired behavioral changes.

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Can ABA therapy be performed at home?

ABA therapy is designed to be effective when performed in a wide range of environmental settings, which may include school, home, clinics or community centers. Finding the solution that works best and is most effective for your child is the most practical way to proceed with ABA therapy. Consult with your therapist to see what they recommend and where it might make the most sense to conduct the sessions.

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Should I expect ABA therapy to help my child?

ABA has been used to provide support in improving social interactions and communication skills in children. It is also useful in managing behavioral issues, especially for children with autism spectrum disorders. By imparting life skills that may be difficult for some children to master, ABA therapy can promote the best chance at a happy and productive life for these patients.

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