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What is ABA therapy?

ABA, known as applied behavior analysis, can help children approach complex behavioral tasks by breaking them down into smaller, concrete steps. It's backed by years of scientific research and is widely used as a therapeutic intervention for children who have an autism spectrum disorder. Communicating needs and emotions, making friends, following directions, and improving attention are examples of skills and behaviors that can be improved with ABA therapy.

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How long will my child be in ABA therapy?

Based on research results, long-lasting and significant progress in children with ASD can be achieved by receiving ABA services for at least one to three years. Some treatment programs focus on a limited number of behaviors for improvement and deliver 10-25 hours of ABA. However, it's important to consider that ABA services are based on the specific needs of each child and their families.

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In what locations can my child receive ABA therapy?

Children can receive ABA services within the community, at school, at home or in a clinical setting. Through research, we've learned that providing ABA therapy in a child's natural environment, whether at home, school or in the community, is the most effective. By providing therapy in these settings, children have a better opportunity to enhance and apply the skills they've learned to real-world situations.

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How can ABA therapy help my child?

Children who have problems with social skills, communication or any other behaviors that impede daily functioning and independent living can benefit from ABA therapy. Individualized programs are developed to specifically target positive behavior while decreasing maladaptive behaviors.

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