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What is ABA therapy?

More formally referred to as Applied Behavioral Analysis, ABA is a form of therapy designed to provide practical support for children in learning important life skills and developing effective social and communication methods. ABA begins by evaluating the behaviors that will be adjusted or corrected and breaking down every step of those behaviors to allow the individual components to be addressed separately. This can make the process of behavioral change easier for children, and consequently, for their parents.

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What is the average duration of ABA therapy?

Every case is different. Your ABA therapist will discuss your goals, your child's behavioral issues and your overall expectations with you during the initial stage of treatment. For minor behavioral issues, some progress can be made in 10 to 25 hours of treatment with an ABA therapist. More complex issues and behavioral problems generally respond well after one to three years of treatment by a trained therapist.

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Will ABA therapy take place at a clinic?

Your ABA therapist may be able to provide sessions in your home, at your child's school, in a clinical setting or even in community facilities. It may prove useful to perform at least some of the therapy sessions in environments familiar to the child. This can sometimes reinforce the desired behaviors and provide added help for children with autism spectrum disorders and other behavioral deficits that require correction.

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How does ABA therapy help children?

ABA therapy is used to provide assistance in managing behavioral issues and providing a foundation for social and communication skills in children. It can also be used to promote the development of basic life skills like dental and personal hygiene and self-care activities.

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