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What is ABA therapy?

Applied Behavioral Analysis, or ABA, is a form of therapy used to treat children who suffer from severe behavioral issues. Many of these children are on the autism spectrum and require special attention to learn the basic social and communication skills necessary to succeed in the academic environment. ABA breaks down the various elements of behavioral tasks into smaller sections and teaches children how to manage each of these elements successfully.

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Is ABA therapy a long treatment process?

Some focused forms of ABA therapy can be completed in about 25 hours of session time. For more complicated or extensive issues, however, most experts recommend planning on one to three years of ongoing therapy. This therapy is performed with an ABA specialist to promote the best outcomes for patients with autism spectrum disorder behavioral or developmental issues.

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Is ABA therapy performed at home?

Therapy can be delivered in a wide range of environments. Your therapist will discuss the merits of in-school or in-home therapy sessions to help children address their ongoing problems in familiar environments and to learn new coping mechanisms in the areas in which they are needed most.

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Will ABA therapy help my child?

ABA therapies are used to address a wide range of issues, which may include behavioral problems, aggression and emotional overreactions. Patients can also acquire basic skills like tying shoes, brushing their teeth, using the toilet and managing schoolwork successfully. Children are also taught the basics of communicating clearly and socializing with others in an acceptable and positive way.

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