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What is ABA therapy?

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is a type of therapy most commonly used to address behavioral issues that affect children. It is beneficial for children who suffer from autism spectrum disorders and those with severe behavioral problems that require intervention by a trained professional. By dividing the behaviors in question into smaller tasks and addressing each task individually, ABA therapy can provide the tools needed for children to manage their everyday interactions and activities more effectively.

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Does ABA therapy take longer than other therapy?

Without a consultation with you and your child, your therapist will be unable to provide you with a time frame in which results can be expected from ABA therapy. Each child is different and will require a customized treatment plan to fully benefit from ABA therapy. For focused treatments, 10 to 25 hours may be adequate. Children with an extensive array of issues may require years to get the most out of their therapy.

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Can ABA therapy be performed at home?

ABA therapies are suitable for use in residential settings, in schools, in community centers and in medical facilities. These therapies focus on positive reinforcement and reward, which makes them a solid choice for a wide range of potential environments.

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How can ABA therapy help my child?

Children with developmental issues and behavioral problems can benefit from the practical and manageable skills that are presented during ABA therapy. By putting these skills into action in real-life scenarios, children can achieve greater competency when dealing with social interactions and personal responsibilities at school, at play and at home.

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