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What is Applied Behavior Analysis therapy?

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is an innovative, therapeutic strategy that allows children to break down behaviors and tasks into their basic components. This will typically allow children to adjust their behaviors and to acquire new skills that will provide them with the help they need to act appropriately in a wide range of situations. By reinforcing positive behaviors, it may be possible to teach children with autism spectrum disorders and other issues to interact with others more easily and to manage more of their own care requirements.

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How long does ABA therapy usually take?

Because each child is unique, the treatment plan designed for your child will depend on his or her specific needs. Your ABA therapist will discuss with you the likely duration of treatment along with the expected and desired outcomes from these treatment plans.

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Where can ABA therapy be performed?

Your ABA therapist can come to your home, your child's school or to almost anywhere to work on developing the skills needed to interact effectively with others and to take care of basic daily tasks more effectively. It may even be more effective to practice these skills and coping mechanisms by scheduling therapy sessions in the areas where the undesirable behaviors most often occur.

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Is ABA therapy going to help my child?

Some of the most common benefits of ABA therapy are newly acquired skills and practical strategies for children with behavioral issues. By addressing these problems through the evidence-based methods employed by ABA therapists, children can often enjoy better social skills and improved overall happiness and achievement in their everyday lives.

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