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Why choose ABA therapy?

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy is designed for children with moderate to severe behavioral problems. These therapeutic methods can provide children with the tools needed to adjust their behaviors and to acquire new practical skills by breaking these activities down to basic components. These smaller building blocks can then be adjusted and improved to create better behavior and increased capabilities for children with autism spectrum disorders and those with behavioral problems in school, at home or in social situations.

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Is ABA therapy a long-term process?

Until the therapy begins, it is not possible to determine how long the child will need to derive benefits from ABA therapies. Specific behaviors may be addressed in sessions lasting 10 to 25 hours. More fundamental changes may require months or even years of ABA sessions to see dramatic improvements. By working with a qualified and knowledgeable therapist, you can ensure the fastest and best results for your child.

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Can ABA therapy be performed at home?

ABA can be administered by a therapist in almost any environment. It can be best to choose the location where the child spends most of their time or where these behaviors are most problematic.

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Can ABA therapy help my child?

ABA focuses on positive reinforcement for practicing good behaviors and working on skills. This is useful for children with behavioral disorders that may affect their ability to care for their own personal hygiene, to interact with others proactively or appropriately, to manage outbursts and to communicate clearly. ABA is a positive therapeutic choice for children on the autism spectrum and those who are dealing with traumas or other issues that affect their ability to behave appropriately and to learn effectively.

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