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What is ABA therapy?

Widely regarded as a positive treatment for behavioral issues associated with autism by organizations like the American Academy of Family Pediatrics and the Autism Society of America, Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is designed to break down complex behaviors into smaller steps to make it easier for children to change behavioral issues more effectively. By creating manageable tasks that children can master, ABA prevents frustration and avoids many of the pitfalls that are associated with more aggressive therapeutic methods.

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Does ABA therapy take a significant time commitment?

While some minor behavioral issues may be resolved in just a few sessions, complex problems associated with autism spectrum disorders may require years of treatment to produce the desired results. Your child's therapist will explain the process and will keep you informed of his or her progress throughout therapy.

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Is ABA therapy best performed at home?

In some cases, it may be more practical for your therapist to provide services in your home. Therapy sessions can also be scheduled to take place at school, in a clinical setting or anywhere that is acceptable to you and your child's therapist.

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How can ABA therapy help my child?

Because ABA is based on sound psychological principles, it can provide practical support for children who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders or other behavioral problems. ABA is accepted and recommended by the Autism Society of America as well as the National Institute of Child Health & Human Development. This ensures that your child will receive the positive and practical treatment plan needed to achieve the best results.

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