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What type of program is ABA therapy?

Applied behavioral analysis, or ABA therapy, is an empirical method for improving maladaptive behaviors in children who have ASD, or autism spectrum disorder. It works by reducing complex tasks into small, easily achievable steps that the child can follow and complete. This improves the child's self-confidence and self-esteem and usually results in fewer eruptions of maladaptive behaviors.

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Is the ABA therapy program lengthy?

The length of an ABA therapy program will be determined by the child's level of social skills as well as the degree and type of maladaptive behaviors that are exhibited. Intensive research has indicated that ABA therapy programs of between one and three years are the most effective at reforming maladaptive behaviors for children with ASD. Focused treatments provide between 10 and 25 hours of intensive treatments that target specific areas that need the most improvement.

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Where are ABA therapy sessions performed?

ABA therapy can be conducted in the home, the clinic, the community, or the school. When conducted in familiar environments such as the home, the school, and the community, treatments are often more successful because the child learns to independently interact with their environment. They can also learn skills that are unique to their lifestyle and their family unit.

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Will ABA therapy help my child?

ABA therapy has been proven to be successful in improving maladaptive behaviors in areas such as communication, adaptive living, and social skills. It also helps the child to recognize the behaviors that aren't acceptable and substitute other behaviors instead. ABA therapy focuses on areas that are of the most important to the family and the child.