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What is ABA therapy?

Applied behavioral analysis, or ABA therapy, is an empirical method of addressing maladaptive behaviors in children who have autism spectrum disorders (ASD) or different behavioral disorders. By reducing complicated tasks into small, individual steps, and providing reinforcement and praise, children learn to improve behaviors in areas such as communicating their needs, making friends, asking for help, following directions, and attending to a task.

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How long does the ABA therapy program last?

Each ABA therapy program is customized to the child through an initial evaluation that determines their skill levels and the areas that are in need of improvement. Since each treatment regimen is tailored to the child, there's no preset time limit that must be met or determined. Research has shown that ABA therapy that addresses multiple areas of behavior and lasts between one to three years has the best long-term outcome.

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Is it better to do ABA therapy at home or in a clinic?

ABA therapy that's provided in familiar environments, such as the child’s community, home or school often yields the most satisfactory results because these are the locations where maladaptive behaviors most frequently occur. These locations also provide the greatest opportunity for the child to learn independent interaction with their surroundings and skills that may be specialized to their lifestyle.

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What's the success rate for ABA therapy?

Most children who undergo ABA therapy see improvement in their ability to independently interact within their familiar surroundings as well as a reduction in their problematic behaviors. Areas that most frequently see improvement include adaptive living, communication, and social skills. ABA therapy endeavors to improve the quality of life for both the child and their family, and achieve improved skillsets for the child.

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