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What is ABA therapy?

Applied Behavioral Analysis, as its name suggests, involves the analyzing of behaviors and the breaking down of complex tasks and activities into their constituent parts. ABA therapists help children by teaching them these individual parts and helping them to put the pieces together to create behaviors that will work in school, in social situations and in everyday life. This will help children to manage their behaviors more effectively and will promote the highest degree of competence possible in dealing with regular tasks.

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Does ABA therapy take long?

Each ABA therapy session can take from two to five hours. Some children may have only minor therapeutic requirements and can complete their therapy in 25 hours or less. Others may require regular sessions for years to achieve the best possible results.

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Can ABA therapy be performed anywhere?

ABA therapy can be even more useful when the treatment is offered in the environment in which the desired behavior will take place. Some ABA therapists will offer home or school sessions to provide the best possible options for parents and children alike.

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How can ABA therapy help my child?

ABA is recommended by many child health organizations as a treatment for behavioral issues related to autism spectrum disorders. It can also help children to learn better communication techniques, socialization strategies and personal hygiene skills that will allow improved interactions with peers, teachers and family members. By working with an ABA therapist, many children can achieve improved behaviors and can replace old habits with new skills that will serve them well now and in the future.

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