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What is ABA therapy?

Applied Behavioral Analysis is a form of therapy designed to help children manage behavioral issues that may be associated with autism spectrum disorders or with traumatic experiences. ABA therapists work with children to break down complex tasks and activities into smaller parts. The child will then learn to master each of the parts of the activity and to put the parts together to learn how to interact socially, how to communicate more clearly and how to manage their own behaviors by substituting better alternatives for bad decisions at home, at school and in other environments.

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Will ABA therapy take long?

ABA therapy is tailored specifically to suit the needs of individual children. Most sessions of ABA therapy last between two to five hours. For minor behavioral issues, the ABA treatment plan may last only 10 to 25 hours. More complicated or extensive treatment needs can require years of work with a qualified therapist.

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Will my child's ABA therapy take place at home?

ABA therapy can be provided in the home or in a school setting, as well as in clinical environments. The choice is up to you and your child’s therapist.

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How can ABA therapy help my child?

By working with a qualified and experienced ABA therapist, children can achieve greater success in managing behavioral issues and replacing bad habits with better options. ABA is evidence-based and practical. This makes it a good choice for children who need real help in managing their behavior, improving their social skills and learning to care for themselves.

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