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ABA therapy overview

Refining and improving maladaptive behaviors is one of the hallmarks of applied behavior analysis (ABA). It's commonly used as a therapeutic treatment for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and is supported by years of scientific research. These research studies have revealed that ABA can improve behaviors such as making friends, following directions, communicating needs, and asking for help. It can help children overcome challenging behaviors by helping them break down complex tasks into manageable steps.

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ABA therapy treatment time

ABA programs are focused on achieving specific goals and do not have set timelines for when treatment ends. Based on scientific findings, we know that one to three years of intensive ABA services shows the most noticeable and long-lasting improvement for children with ASD. Other targeted ABA treatment programs deliver 10-25 hours of therapy and focus on a limited number of behaviors for improvement.

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Locations where ABA therapy is provided

In a clinical setting, at school or home, and within the community are environments where ABA services can be provided. However, providing ABA therapy in the child’s natural environment, such as at school, home or within the community, are supported by research for their effectiveness, as unwanted behaviors frequently occur in everyday life.

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How children can benefit from ABA therapy

ABA therapists design a tailored program after meeting with children and their families. These plans are designed to meet their individual needs and learning style. If there are noticeable difficulties with social skills, communication skills, or adaptive learning, children can benefit from ABA therapy. After receiving long-term treatment, children can significantly improve behavior and skills while also learning skills that are useful in everyday life.

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