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How does ABA therapy work?

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is one of the therapeutic interventions for children with behavioral and autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Using positive reinforcement and learning theory as a guide, ABA can improve or change specific behaviors. It can help children improve and develop positive skills and reduce harmful or unwanted behaviors. ABA services have been efficiently used to help children communicate needs, follow directions, develop friendships, and improve attention and focus.

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What are the treatment times for ABA therapy?

Each person receiving ABA has different needs, so treatment times will vary for each individual. Although treatment is based on the specific needs of each child, best practices recommend providing intensive therapy for a period of one to three years. These practices have demonstrated the most significant and long-lasting improvement for children with ASD.

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Can ABA therapy be performed at home?

Clinic-based settings, at school, home, or in the community are the typical setting in which ABA therapy is provided. Although there are many options available, therapies provided in the child's natural environment are the most effective since they focus on skill building and behavior management practices that can be applied to real-world settings.

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What are the advantages of ABA therapy for children?

ABA therapists can help children in multiple ways, particularly if they have difficulties with communication skills, adaptive living, and social skills. One of the main goals of ABA services is promoting positive behaviors and reducing potentially harmful behaviors. Over time, ABA therapy can help children develop skills that foster independence in the real world.

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