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What's meant by ABA therapy?

ABA therapy, or applied behavior analysis, is a scientifically proven method of changing specific behaviors. It reduces complex tasks into procedural steps that are more readily understood and followed by children. ABA therapy has been effective in areas such as communication, asking for assistance, following instructions, and making friends.

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Is ABA therapy time-consuming?

The length of time needed for ABA therapy will depend on the individual since no two children are the same. Intensive ABA therapy that lasts between 1 and 3 years provides the most long-lasting and significant improvements for children who have autism spectrum disorder, or ASD. Focused therapy programs concentrate on specific areas of improvement and usually last between 10 and 25 hours.

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Must ABA therapy be done in a clinical setting?

ABA therapy can be provided in the home as well as at your child’s school, the community, or in a clinic. Sessions provided outside of the clinic setting are often more successful than those in a clinic. Maladaptive behaviors are more evident in familiar environments, and this provides increased opportunities to learn living and behavioral skills.

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Will ABA therapy benefit my child?

If your child is deficient in adaptive living, behavioral, communication, and social skills, then ABA therapy may help them and provide them the opportunity to be more independent. The objective of ABA therapy is to provide individualized programs that will improve areas where your child may lack the skills necessary to successfully interact with those in their environment.

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