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What is Applied Behavior Analysis therapy?

Applied Behavioral Analysis, also known as ABA, is a form of therapy designed for children with behavioral problems. ABA is used to analyze complex behaviors and to break them down into smaller steps, each of which is necessary to the behavior pattern. This can provide real help in managing behavioral problems and in creating more positive strategies to replace outbursts, violent episodes and other common behavioral problems among children with autism spectrum disorders and other psychological conditions.

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Is ABA therapy a long-term commitment?

No one answer can be given as to how long your child's therapy will take. Your child's therapist will discuss the goals, objectives and time frame with you during the initial stages of treatment. In general, more specific goals take less time to reach. More complex cases could require three years or more to achieve the desired results.

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Is ABA therapy generally performed at home?

Your ABA therapist can provide you with detailed information on the availability of appointments at your home, at your child's school or in other areas. This can provide you with added flexibility in managing ABA therapy sessions for your child.

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Is ABA therapy going to help my child?

ABA is often used and recommended by therapists who offer treatment options for children on the autism spectrum. It can provide coping skills for these children in managing their own personal care, communicating effectively with parents, teachers and other students and in limiting outbursts and providing more effective strategies for dealing with stress and frustration.

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