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What's the ABA therapy procedure?

Applied behavioral analysis, or ABA therapy, is a scientifically proven method of changing or improving specific behavioral patterns in children with autism spectrum disorders or those with another type of developmental disorder. ABA therapy reduces complicated tasks to small steps that the child can easily complete, so it enables a change in their inappropriate behaviors. Typical areas of improvement include attending to a task, communicating their needs, asking for help, following directions, making friends, and waiting.

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How long does it take to complete ABA therapy?

Each child's ABA therapy will be unique to them because it's tailored to their skill level and the areas that need improvement. Each child is evaluated to determine the optimal treatment regimen for them, so there's no set time frame involved. Research has indicated that a broad-spectrum of domains that are addressed over a period of one to three years provide the best results for long-lasting improvement. Some children do well with a focused ABA therapy program that targets a few specific areas and lasts from 10 to 25 hours.

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Can ABA therapy be effective if done at home?

When ABA therapy is completed in the familiar environments of the school or home or community, it often yields the best results since these are the areas in which most maladaptive behaviors occur. Therapy that's conducted in natural environments also enables the child to develop interactive skills unique to their lifestyle and provides the broadest range of adaptive behavior skills.

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Is ABA therapy usually successful in treating problematic behaviors?

ABA therapy has a long record of success in treating maladaptive behaviors in ASD-affected children or those with other developmental disorders. By increasing their ability to independently interact with their environment, these children can increase their quality of life as well as that of their family.

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