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What are appropriate gifts for autistic children?

July 11, 2016


My 11-year old nephew has been diagnosed with ASD. I want to give him a gift he will enjoy. Any advice on appropriate gifts for autistic children?


There is no reason your nephew can’t experience the gift-giving season just like any other child. There are a few rules, however, regarding the types of gifts that are best suited for children with ASD.

When picking out gifts and toys for children on the Autism spectrum, think about products that will promote family engagement. Look for gifts that require more than one person to play. Games that have a fun, or unpredictable result are a great idea. Let your child know that to play these games he or she will need to have a play partner. This will provide opportunities to practice turn-taking skills, and prevent repetitive play with the toy.

Another great gift idea is any toy that has multiple pieces. This gives the child opportunities to practice requesting while assembling the toy or game. Rocket balloons, popup games that require turn-taking, big parachutes and favorite character memory card games are some fun ideas.

Talk with your BCBA for additional ideas for your child that could be incorporated into therapy over the next several months.

Father playing with his little girl at home Father playing with his little girl at home