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Fun, Creative Indoor Activities During the Cold Winter Months

February 22, 2023

Spring may be right around the corner, however, enduring these cold winter months can be a challenge for any parent. Helping your child learn appropriate ways to get out excess energy and have some fun while indoors is an important skill. We hope some of these ideas inspire you to get creative and maybe even a little messy!

Shaving Cream “Snow”

Does your child enjoy sensory play? If so, this shaving cream snow activity will be great! For this activity you will need a can of shaving cream and toy animals (penguins, polar bears, etc.). During this activity your child can work on sorting animals into different snow piles, pointing to correct artic snow animals, and asking for the toys to make their artic environment!

DIY Snow Globe

Does your child like to get crafty? If so, a DIY snow globe is a super cute way to craft! These also make a great individualized gift for friends or family.


  • Plastic snow globe (craft stores or Amazon) or mason jar (if safe for your child)
  • Distilled water (bottled water works too)
  • ½ tsp vegetable glycerin (can be found in the grocery store or Amazon; mineral/baby oil or clear glue will work as well)
  • Chunky/larger glitter
  • Hot glue (adult use only)
  • Smaller waterproof toys

Start by gluing the toy(s) to the base provided in the snow globe or the inside lid of the mason jar (make sure this is dry before continuing). Fill the snow globe almost to the top with distilled water, leave some room to screw on the base. Next add vegetable glycerin to the water followed by glitter. Screw on base and shake away!

More Indoor Hands-on Activities

  • Toy car wash
  • Homemade musical instruments
  • Building without household items (toothpicks, Q-tips, cereal boxes, paper towel rolls)
  • Sand table (bucket with high walls, sand, or magnetic sand, small shoves, molds, etc.)

Indoor Physical Activities

  • Simon Says
  • Indoor obstacle course
  • Dance party
  • Fort building with pillows, blankets, furniture
  • Pool noodle sword fights
  • Hula hooping
  • Yoga ball/indoor mini trampoline
  • Hide & seek
Father playing with his little girl at home Father playing with his little girl at home