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Butterfly Effects’ BCBA Academy

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Advance your career by becoming a board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA).

At Butterfly Effects, you have the unique opportunity to advance your career by becoming a BCBA. Over the past 12 years, demand for BCBAs has increased by 5,852%. This valuable role is in high demand and represents one of the fastest growing professions in healthcare. Make an invest in yourself while creating a meaningful change in the lives of families affected by autism.

How Butterfly Effects will help you get there:

Butterfly Effects offers part-time and full-time staff educational benefits to help you become a BCBA. Butterfly Effects eligible employees receive:

  • Tuition discounts with select colleges and universities.
  • Tuition assistance to all eligible students.
  • BCBA test preparation funding.

From Behavior Technician (BT) to BCBA

Build on the skills you’ve developed as a BT by becoming a BCBA through a graduate-level certification training in behavior analysis. A BCBA is responsible for studying the behavior of children and adults—including those with developmental disabilities, brain injuries, and/or emotional or social issues—and creating plans to increase their personal independence.


Obtain a relevant undergraduate degree


Earn a master’s degree in an approved behavior analysis program


Complete required supervised fieldwork while working at Butterfly Effects


Pass the BCBA exam


Congrats you’re a BCBA

If you are interested in applying to become a Behavior Technician at Butterfly Effects, please click here.