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In-Home ABA Summer Program

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Our programs are designed by experts to help children affected by autism acquire real-life skills from the comfort of their home with exposure to a range of stimuli.

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Kindergarten - 6th grade
Programs offerings:
  • Socialization: turn taking, game playing, how to be a good friend
  • Improving communication: reciprocating comments, initiating conversations
  • Expanding play skills
  • Building independence
  • Developing friendships
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Ages 13-17
Programs offerings:
  • Building social skills and social learning – how to respond and engage with others
  • Good sportsmanship, flexibility, and compromise
  • Expanding personal interests and play skills
  • Building independence for job readiness
  • Self-care and personal hygiene
  • Dating, health, and identifying emotions
  • Travel safety and planning
  • Transitioning planning for adulthood