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Our approach to ABA therapy

Hispanic family with 2 children

In-home ABA therapy takes advantage of
your child’s natural environment.

Our experience has shown that children require a safe and relaxed environment to acquire skills during an ABA treatment session. Our staff members are trained to work within the child’s natural settings to create an atmosphere where the child and family feel comfortable. Within the child’s home or a natural setting (for example daycare, preschool, or Grandma’s house), our team teaches functional communication, play, tolerance, waiting, life skills, and social skills.

Children affected by ASD require specialized ABA teaching procedures to master these important skills. Our treatment team will work with your child in the natural environments where their problem behaviors occur, and teach functional replacement skills in the presence of family members. We’ll teach these skills, such as communication, so the child can express their needs through a socially appropriate behavior rather than a problem behavior. These replacement behaviors can be transferred from the child’s home to other natural settings, such as schools, community events, malls, or churches.

Partnering with your family
Father playing with his little girl at home Father playing with his little girl at home
Partnering with teachers

A data-driven approach to maximize progress.

The implementation science of ABA requires treatment to be both effective and individualized. The Butterfly Effects treatment team continually makes data-based modifications to ABA treatment plans to maximize the child’s progress.

Data on treatment objectives are tracked daily and reviewed by the BCBA weekly to assess the effectiveness of treatment programming. This data drives changes to teaching procedures, and prompts strategies, treatment priorities, and family and technician training needs. Based on the child’s needs, the BCBA will recommend either focused (low-intensity) or comprehensive (high-intensity) ABA treatment.

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